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Neuro Care Kit

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  • Neurol Drops 60ml
  • Neuralgirol Drops 60ml
  • F-Phos Drops 60ml
  • B-Bright Drops 60ml
  • Neuro Gold Drops 60ml

The medicines included in the Neuro Care Kit are designed in such a way for the effective management of various Brain & Neurological disorders.
Hemiplegia, hemiparesis, peripheral neuritis, diabetic neuropathy, parkinson's disease, cerebellar ataxia, neuromuscular diseases, weakness of upper & lower limbs, trembling of head & limbs, neuralgia, neuralgic pains, burning & numbness, drawing & tingling pains, Trigeminal neuralgia, facial neuralgia, post herpetic neuralgia, neuralgias of various parts of the body, neuritis, electric shock like pains, numbness & tingling of areas, burning & stinging pains,
hyperesthesia,, paresthesia & dysesthesia, peripheral neuritis, etc., 


Clinical Usage:

               1. Daily Morning 10 pills

               2. Daily Afternoon 10 pills

               3. Daily Evening 10 pills

* Note Pills No 1,2,3 Use for 7 days after 7days pill No-4 Use 3 days 

               4.Morning,Afternoon,Evening 10 Pills

Rummnil Capsules:
               Morning one Capsule after Breakfast
               Night one Capsule after bask Dinner

Gold Drop:

            8-10 Drops in 1/2 Cup of water Morning after Breakfast and Night after Dinner.

SSBHV Drops:

               Each Medicine 5 Drops 1/2 Cup of water Morning after Breakfast and Night after Dinner.

Message Oil:

               For Message at pain locations

               Or you can use the medicine as per to the directions of consulting Doctor. 

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