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Gastrowin Kit

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  • Gastrol Drops 60ml
  • Dyspetrol Drops 60ml
  • Digestrol Drops 60ml
  • Gastowin Gold Drops 60ml
  • Gastrowel Tablets 200 Tab

The medicines included in the Gastrowin Kit are designed in such a way for the effective management of various Gastric disorders. Acid Peptic Disease, Gastritis, Pain Abdomen, Burning in Chest & Abdomen, Water Brush, Nausea, Vomiting, Fullness of Abdomen, Belching, Sour eructations, Night hunger pains, Loss of appetite, Intolerance of spicy food, Dyspepsia, Non ulcer Dyspepsia, GERD, Oeseophagitis, Gaseousness, Bloating of abdomen, Indigestion & Flatulence, etc., 


Clinical Usage:

               1. Daily Morning 10 pills

               2. Daily Afternoon 10 pills

               3. Daily Evening 10 pills

* Note Pills No 1,2,3 Use for 7 days after 7days pill No-4 Use 3 days 

               4.Morning,Afternoon,Evening 10 Pills

Rummnil Capsules:
               Morning one Capsule after Breakfast
               Night one Capsule after bask Dinner

Gold Drop:

            8-10 Drops in 1/2 Cup of water Morning after Breakfast and Night after Dinner.

SSBHV Drops:

               Each Medicine 5 Drops 1/2 Cup of water Morning after Breakfast and Night after Dinner.

Message Oil:

               For Message at pain locations

               Or you can use the medicine as per to the directions of consulting Doctor. 

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